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Futuristic Subaru WRX STI concept in 3D

I am just loving this self-commissioned 3D concept for a new Subaru Impreza WRX STI.
Lars Martensson ( ) created this (modelled with Autodesk 3ds max and rendered with V-Ray). I love the way he's created a whole new design aesthetic for Subaru, with hints of a typical 80's wedge shape at the rear, a la Lancia Monte Carlo/Honda Civic CRX, integrated with a totally fresh, muscular snout. It's just awesome:

It just makes the current WRX STI look lame:

Tutorial: how to make a chrome material and use an HDRI in V-Ray

Welcome to this tutorial on making a chrome material and using an HDR image in V-Ray. To complete this tutorial you will need 3DS Max with V-Ray 1.5.

Step 1
The first thing we need to do is create an object that we will apply our chrome material to, in my case I made a simple teapot. Add a camera to the scene too.

Step 2
Create a normal V-Ray material. (Open up the material editor and change the first material in the material editor to a VrayMtl). Rename this material "chrome"

Step 3
We can leave the Diffuse colour of the chrome material grey, as chrome(chromium) seems to be a steely-grey colour in reality ( It doesn't really matter what colour we make the Diffuse channel though, because we are going to make it so reflective, (in the next step), that it's colour will come from whatever it reflects in the environment around it.

Step 4
Change the reflect colour to pure white (maximum reflectivity)

Step 5
Change the reflection subdivs t…

Render(s) of the year.....2

I am totally impressed by these renderings by Chaosgroup VRay forum user elfa. (See if you can spot the hand print :) )

More free Digital-X Models :) has added some more free 3D models to their website They are samples from their product collections and include this sweet hat, gym machine, garage door, aeron office chair and these napkins too:

(The new full product collections are: Medical, Gym Equipment 1, and Gym Equipment 2 at $99 each. They come in various file formats including .max, .3ds, .obj, .fbx and Vray materials for 3ds max are included too)

SimCloth 3 available for Max 2010

SimCloth 3 has been recompiled for Autodesk 3ds max 2010, 2009, 2008 and the earlier versions of 3ds max, 8 and 9. you can get it here:
I remember using it back in the day and it was easy to use and good, if I recall correctly. I have no idea what it's like now, but hey, its free, so that's pretty rad!
(It's a simple cloth simulation plugin that can handle interactions between cloth and solid bodies)

Some of the variables you can adjust in SimCloth:

Peter Guthrie V-Ray grass tutorial, part 2

Peter Guthrie has added part 2 to his VRay grass tutorial that I mentioned in a previous post

You can find the updated tutorial here: link
The results are amazing! He uses the VRayScatter plugin, but you can also use this free scatter plugin by Peter Watje: (link) I've used this free scatter plugin before and it works pretty well. The nice thing about it is that you can scatter VRayProxy objects as instances.