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Zenvo ST1 and Peugeot 308z on

Thomas Suurland - one of the pioneers of V-Ray/HDRI automotive renderings has posted these conceptual 3D renderings on his website, - (Rendered with V-Ray)

Fist up we have images of the first Danish supercar, the Zenvo ST1, (7litre V8, 810 kw, 0-100km/h in 3.0 seconds, top speed 375km/h)

Next up we have renderings of the beautiful Peugeot 308z concept - a potential Audi TT competitor:

3D modelling timelapse video by tolas

I stumbled upon this speed modelling video by tolas - watch as he models an Aimpoint rifle sight in 3D:
Speedies Theme 2 x50 from tolas on Vimeo.Watching this video is gives you an idea of how to model in 3D from photographic reference, (at 50X the normal speed!)
Rendered with fryrender SP1:

Create your own 3D character using CyToons and Google app engine

You can create a 3D character, animate it and then share it on your blog/Facebook account, etc.
Check it out here:
You can just click the "embed code" button to add it to your blog, or copy the source code. However, when I pressed the button to generate the source code for my character I noticed that the last tag was not there, so remember to add it if you are working with the html :p

3D StarWars HDRI and V-Ray test by NorWiz

Check out this 3D Storm Trooper test by norWIZ - Funny dance but great quality lighting and rendering :) Made with 3ds max 2009 and V-Ray SP3a:

3D North Sea test by NorWIZ

Have a look at this animated 3D ocean test by norWIZ Impressive stuff, made with 3ds max 2008,V-Ray and Dreamscape:

Free 3D alloy wheel and tire model

here you go (link) - a free 3D alloy wheel and tire model I made some time ago, using autodesk 3ds max 6. It uses some standard ray traced materials and the scanline renderer.

MK 1 ford Escort RS in 3D

I have a fondness for old cars, so I love it when a fellow 3D modeller shows their appreciation for a classic car by modelling it in 3D. Check out these beautiful 3D renderings of a MK 1 ford Escort RS and a Ford 105E Anglia by DM Multimedia My Mom's first car was a red and white Ford Anlia 105E :) These cars where modelled in Autodesk 3ds max and rendered with Mental Ray. There are also a whole lot of handy 3D car modelling tutorials on the Dm Multimedia site, here Thanks to my brutjie Ant for the link :)

Free HDRI panoramas and timelapse footage

There are great HDRI panoramas and timelapse footage available for free at
The images are available for download in 2 sizes: 10000x4000 pixels for background use and 2000 x 500 pixels for lighting. Great to use in your 3D scenes

Various timelapse footage is also available in HD 1080p, HD 720p, PAL 16:9, and NTSC 16:9 formats. There is footage of Nature, clouds, weather, cites, etc.
You can also comission to capture specific timelapse footage for your needs.