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The third & the seventh arch viz videos

Alex Roman has created these inspirational, fully CG architectural visualisation videos, using 3dsmax, Vray, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. Very different from the usual arch viz stuff I see, and come to think of it, very different from the arch viz stuff I make :) I like Alex's approach very much - very cinematic. More info can be found at his website:

T&S Teaser 1 from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

T&S Teaser2 from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

T&S Teaser 3 from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

Awesome 3D Mercedes SLS in GT5

I'm loving this Gran Turismo 5 demo video, the car, the graphics, the camera moves, I like it all.

More info and screenshots available at

Building Generator script for Autodesk 3ds Max

Building Generator is a procedural building generator script for Autodesk 3d Studio Max. (the script's creator, Tyson Ibele says that it works with 3ds Max 9 and above). You can downolad it for free here

The main User Interface and an example of a building made with the script:

Cute Yoshii 3D characters

Hiroshi Yoshii is a graphic designer and 3D artist from Japan. He creates these gorgeous little characters using Luxology Modo. What is is especially cool is that some of his creations are turned into real-life plastic toys, which you can buy here: , although it seems like you need to be able to read Japanese for that site!

Here is a video showing Yoshii doing some polygon modelling in Modo:

Find out more about Yoshii at his personal sites:
Luxology interview with Yoshi:

VrayScatter Video Demo

This VrayScatter video is woven from the fabric of awesome!

VrayScatter Demo from Alde on Vimeo.

And here are some handy VrayScatter tutorials (13 of them!) on

VRayScatter 2.5.5 is a plugin for Autodesk 3ds max 2010 and VRay

The key features are:
Generation and scattering massive arrays of VRayProxy by surfaces Capability of creation huge amount of objects in array Quick rendertime generation of objects with optimized RAM management Random transformations (scale, rotation) of objects in array Distribution of objects based on bitmaps or procedural maps Scaling of objects based on bitmaps or procedural maps Realtime viewport preview of objects placement Support of animated VRayProxy Different types of viewport preview of objects Special procedural map the VRayScatterTexture 64-bit support

Making of MS house at dusk part 1

If you are starting out as an arch viz artist and you want to learn more about the work process, check out this making of post, at:
Ronen Bekermen walks you through all the steps, from importing the CAD files into SketchUp, to building the final SketchUp 3D model ready for export into 3ds max.

I'm looking forward to part 2

Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile for iPhone

How cool is this? Autodesk Sketchbook mobile is a layer-based sketching application for your Apple® iPhone® or Apple iPod touch®. And it's only $2.99 at the More info here

Watch a YouTube demo here

Free 3D Wall Clock

Get a free 3D wall clock at
Thank you Alex!

1965 Chevy Impala 3D animation test by oguzormanci

Chasing Impala 65 Animation Test01 from oguzormanci on Vimeo.
Really well done, animated with 3ds max, Madcar and V-Ray.Buy a real Chev impala here

DigitalXModels free give away promo

From the DigitalXModels website: "Our next drawing will occur on October 1st, and this time we will be giving away 1 free collection to THREE lucky winners. Enter your email address on the free models page to be included in the contest."

Sounds good to me - enter here

vCamhaxor v1.75 for 3ds max and V-Ray

Here is something new - a maxscript that creates a front end GUI for the VRay physical camera, allowing for faster access to basic controls. Get it here
I like how the creator says: " The compass is meant to heighten the geek factor of the script. By 150 % or so". LOL!

A study in greens...

The legendary Neil Blevins has some great educational resources on his website ('ve learnt a lot from him and I really enjoyed his article on the use of color (A Study In Greens, Variety in Your Colors), which can be find here There is a maxscript called RandomMat that goes with the "Study in Greens" article on his site, here

He also has a whole host of Autodesk 3ds max techniques, scripts, tips and tutorials on his site. Many thanks to Mr Blevins for making them available for free :)

3D Bougainvillea tutorial

MosettiStudios has an interesting tutorial on how to make a Bougainvillea plant using 3ds max, the guruware ivy plugin and vray 1.5 sp3a. Read more here
(get the ivy plugin here)

Honda RA-X 3D concept renderings

I'm loving this Honda RA-X concept by Xuacu PĂ©rez! It looks like the spawn of an intimate encounter between a 2009 Honda Civic Type-R and a Lotus Exige, with the offspring being put on an intensive workout and training program! It manages to be puposeful, angular, lithe, muscular, distinctive and graceful all at once, a bit like an olympic sprinter or a hot female tennis player...I'm thinking Maria Sharapova, Dominika Cibulkova, Serena Williams, but I digress...
Xuacu designed the car in Rhino and used V-Ray for Rhino and Hypershot for the renderings. Check out more of his work here

Fluid Simulation in RealFlow 4 beginners tutorial

There is an introductory tutorial on how to use Realflow 4 with 3ds max on I have to say that there is a desperate need for this kind of tutorial as learning Realflow can be a real biatch! (Realflow is a standalone fluid and dynamics simulation software package, that can import import and export 3d data to various other 3D animation packages, e.g. Autodesk 3ds max, Maya, Cinema4D, Lightwave, Houdini etc.)

Click here to go to the tutorial on

Here is my own early attempt at using Realflow :P
Realflow 4 and V-Ray liquid simulation test from JG3D on Vimeo.

Adobe/CoSA After Effects1.1 demo reel from 1993

Check out this sweet demo reel for the Company of Science and Art(CoSA) After Effects, (before Aldus and Adobe took over the product), circa 1993:

My how motion graphics software has progressed! I rememeber being blown away by the first version Of After Affects I got my hands on, It was a errr... cough, "free version", called "Adobe Dancing Monkey 3.1", way back in 1997 and had a sketch of a monkey on the splash screen :) I was hooked from the beginning! Thanks to for the link

Illustrate! 5.6 for 3ds Max 2010

Illustrate! by David Gould is a non-photo realistic renderer. It allows you to render your 3D scene in a variety of artistic styles, such a cel shading style, a technical illustration "hidden lines" style and more.
I've used this renderer before to export vector animations to Adobe Flash and it worked brilliantly. You can also export to Adobe Illustrator and Autocad DXF files.
More info at David Gould's site here
Here is a video tutorial from showing how to use Illustrate! (Tutorial)

Numerical Expression Evaluator in 3ds Max

Sometimes its handy to be able to access a calculator in 3ds max, for instance when you are doing timecode to frames conversions, or building an architectural model. All you need to do to access this feature is press Ctrl+N in any spinner slot