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V-Ray 1.5 Service Pack 4 available for download

It's a free upgrade to all current V-Ray customers - get it here:

From the Chaosgroup site:

Modified features:
Improved multithreading on multi-core machines;Ability to specify gizmo falloff for VRayEnvironmentFog;Ability to use arbitrary meshes as gizmos for VRayEnvironmentFog;Option to exclude the background from VRayEnvironmentFog;Added CIE sky models to the VRaySun and VRaySky;It is now possible to submit DR servers list for DR through backburner;Added option to not use area speculars in the VRayIES light;Added Kelvin temperature settings for the color of VRayLights;VFB history is now turned off when 3ds Max is in slave mode;Output .vrimg and split channel paths are listed in the Asset Tracker;GI cache files (irradiance maps, light cache etc) are listed in the Asset Tracker.

Bug fixes:
DR fails with large .max files;Crash with Remove button for gizmos and lights in VRayEnvironmentFog;Crash with Hair&Fur in 3ds Max Design 2010;Is…

KickBoxer 3D motorcycle concept

Ian McElroy taught himself how to use Solidworks CAD Design Software just so that he could create this awesome KickBoxer motorcycle concept.

Engine: stock Subaru WRX (Yes, that's a kickass flat 4 boxer car engine!)
Turbo: stock IHI
Wheels: 5Ziggen
Wheelbase: 56.5"
Rake: 20 degrees
Right angle gearbox: from a Mitsubishi awd car
Transmission: Baker Torquebox
Belt drive: BDL
Front hub: rear hub, 1980's GM car
Rear axle: modified Datsun 280Z stub axle
Rear shock: aftermarket Buell type pull shock

More rendered goodness here:

Zakumi in 3D

This is my 3D interpretation of Zakumi, the 2010 Fifa football world cup mascot. Modelled with 3ds max 2010, rendered with V-Ray 1.5 SP3a

Sell your 3d assets on 3dOcean

Envato is setting up 3dOcean, an online marketplace where you can sell all your 3D assets: Get an invite here

This is the kind of content they are looking for,  (from

3D Models - We are looking for anything from animals over anatomy, buildings and architecture, deco and design elements, electronics, engines and parts, fantasy and fiction, furnishings, humans, plants, sports, toys, vehicles of all types, shapes and sizes, ... all the way to weapons and armor and even theme packages.

Materials and Shaders - 3D models need good materials and shaders to unfold their full potential. If you have worked hard to create quality materials and shaders then this is the place where you can make them work for you.

CG Textures - Every CG artist is always on the lookout for good texture resources and this section will be dedicated to textures that are optimized for the use in 3D applications.

3D Print - If you have created a digital piece of art that you would like to sell to the world…

Awesome Sketchup modelling, Black Hawk

Today I'm featuring the work of fellow Cape Town 3D artist silver_shadow. He works mainly in Sketchup - software that I've been reluctant to use to model in, although I often work on Sketchup files that I receive from architects, taking the files into 3ds max, pimping them and rendering them out with V-Ray. However, I didn't realise how powerful Sketchup was until I saw silver_shadow's images. I think the results speak for themselves.
From the sketchucation forums:
Modelling time: 1 full month (if I add up the bits and pieces during the 2 months)File size: 32.9mbRendering: tests took over a time of a weekRender engines: Introduction page (fryrender – first renders I have done on this application)Assembly pages (sketchup v-ray)Final presentation images (Maxwell render – first renders I have done on this application)Plus you can download his awesome 3D models for free, here: link
Thank You silver_shadow/Jacques!

Black Hawk down also happens to be one of my favourite movies…

How to prepare a 3D portfolio for an interview

Some wise and valuable words from Andy Catterick: link

Some examples of Andy's beautiful work:

Maxscript for beginners....

I have bashed my head against the wall too many times trying to learn MAXscript. Using a pre made MAXscript is easy enough, (there are plenty available for free, here), but creating a script of your own is tough. (For me anyway! According to Max's help files:
The MAXScript language is specifically designed to complement 3ds Max. It is object-oriented.....blah blah.......The syntax is simple enough for non-programmers to use, with minimal punctuation and formatting rules.
Dang, the syntax may be "simple enough for non-programmers", but I still don't get it!)
Hopefully this video tutorial by Allen Mackay can help me out :) (the first video in a series of tutorials)

How to make a 3ds Max Cloth curtain, by Surreal Structures

Check this out:

It's a tutorial explaining how to make a realistic looking curtain using the Cloth modifier in 3ds max, nice one Fran!

Autodesk 3ds Max 2010 Hotfix

Download the latest Hot Fix (2009.09.22) for Autodesk 3ds Max 2010 hereand Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2010 here

Created to improve speed and stability for:
Camera Maps DirectX Shader Material double-byte file paths InfoCenter Material Editor MAXScript mental ray Non-Uniform ScaleProCutter Render Window Vertex Colorand Viewport Performance.

How to use VRayDirt, by Peter Guthrie

Check out Peter Guthrie's tutorial on how to use VRayDirt, here
Highly recommended for adding extra realism to your Archviz renderings!

VRayProxy grass tutorial

Olivie Charbonneau has posted an excellent tutorial on how to make realistic grass renderings with V-Ray at
I am personally using VRayFur to make grass, as in the image below, but I think Olivie's technique looks excellent, especially the little flowers - I must try it!

District 9 before/after images on fxguide

There is a whole host of sweet before/after images from the movie District 9 at fxguide
The article's words also explain quite a lot about the shooting techniques, equipment and CGI workflow used in the making of District 9.

Gtools_Jar_Planter script for 3ds max

Gtools_Jar_Planter is a scatter-type utility that helps you "plant/paint" a list of objects across a surface. useful for adding rocks and trees to a terrain and so forth. Get it for free at, here

Guillemro has a whole lot of useful maxscripts on his site, all available for free. If you find them useful, why not show him some props and give him a donation to say thanks for his hard work?

Photoshop iPhone app for free has made this iPhone app available via theitunes store for free.

Features include:

Basics: Crop, Rotate, and Flip Color: Exposure, Saturation, Tint, Black and White Filters: Sketch, Soft Focus Effects: Vibrant, Pop, Border, Vignette Blur, Warm Vintage, White Glow, etc.
via gizmodo and 9to5mac

Autodesk 3ds Max hair and V-Ray test animation

Autodesk 3ds Max hair and V-Ray test animation from JG3D on Vimeo.
This started out as a test of the 3ds Max 2010 built-in hair&fur solution, rendered out with V-Ray SP3a, but I got a bit carried away with the Psytrance audio. (Thank you Mike :)) Movement is very jerky, but it gives me an idea of what is possible. Next I will add motion blur to the hairs...

Music by Skazi & 40% - Smells Like Homus Spirit

Studio Clouds for 3DS Max 2010

Alice Labs' Studio Clouds is a plugin for Autodesk 3DS Max 2009/2010 that enables you visualise and edit point cloud data inside 3ds max. (Point clouds are 3D datasets of information scanned using LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) aka High Density Surveying (HDS). Millions of points are scanned from a 3D object or terrain and stored using this method. This plugin makes it easier for you to work with all that data. Give it to me - I wanna try it out! (The Radiohead video for "House of Cards" was made using this technique )

Free 3D kitchen model

There is a pretty nice kitchen model available for free at
It is in 3ds max, Lightwave, obj and 3ds file formats and the max version has V-Ray/VRay materials already applied.

The Atari 2600

I'm gonna be totally self-indulgent today and take a trip down memory lane. I guess blogging is totally self-indulgent anyway, so what the hell. Oh, how I loved my Atari 2600 game console, with it's fake wood-grain finish, chunky game cartridge slot and spring-loaded metal reset button! Space Invaders was my favourite game, and I spent many hours in front of the TV trying to beat my dad and mates. Happy sigh :) Ahhhh, the good old days of computer gaming...

More info can be found at , and

While I'm on about Atari, how cool is this 18K gold Atari Chip ring, by Sakurako Shimizu. For an old geek like me, this is the coolest shit ever! link