Thursday, February 19, 2009

macs don't crash....

...Speaking of old computers I had an interesting experience with one this morning. I brought in my old
512k mac (that my mom sent down to CT last week) to show the office geeks. Actually, we are all geeks, so everyone was like oooh, ahhhh, wow, 25 years old, 512k memory - switch it on! So I plugged the thing in, and hey, instant boot up, with the glorious 640x480 pixel Black and White screen asking for a diskette. (there is no hard drive). As I rummaged around looking for a mac program on a floppy disk, everyone is like "quick, smoke! Switch it off!!!! pull out the plug!!! I managed to unplug it, but alas, the damage was done. In my haste to show off I had plugged 220V of domestic Eskom ekecticity into a 110V, US spec, Vintage Apple Computer. Fried electronic component smell wafted through the office. Blast, I had wanted to sell it on ebay - you can get $200-$400 dollars for those things. Anyway, everyone applauded and said it it was a wonderful show and what are you gonna bring tomorrow, J?
I have some pencil flares which will probably go down a treat, I might as well keep the pyrotechnics theme going...

macs don't crash...but they sure can burn!

My 512k Apple, post-fire (the smoke came out of the well-placed air vents at the top)

If you wan't buy some of my left-over, non fire-damaged mac stuff , please follow these links:

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