Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Olympus love...

I've been a fan of Olympus cameras ever since I inherited a great little 1979 Olympus XA .
What's great about this camera is that it is based around a sharp and fast F2.8 lens, not something you see too often in pocket-able cameras these days. I've had a lot of fun with this tiny camera, but unfortunately It suffered from the "sticky shutter" syndrom that affects a lot of XA's in their old age. Here is a photo I took with the XA, way, way back:

Another thing I like about Olympus is that they have a slightly "left of centre" approach, often creating unusual, innovative products. Which brings me to the real object of this post: this rather sexy, retro-ish micro four thirds digital camera:

More info can be found at engadget, but whatIi particularly like about the micro four thirds system is that it gives you the advantages of an SLR (interchangeable lenses), in a much smaller form factor. So if you attach a small prime lens, you have a great street photography camera that can almost fit in your pocket. Much better than lugging that huge Canon Eos 1-D/Nikon D3X SLR around. Those things just Scream "mug me" and since I was actually relieved of my last camera by two screw-driver wielding muggers who tried to stab me, I would rather have a camera I can at least try to hide in my coat pocket. Actually, come to think of it, I'll be hiding one of these baby's in my other coat pocket too (link)

Goddam mother fuckers.

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