Thursday, July 2, 2009

Relink Bitmaps v2.0 is available

Relink bitmaps is a maxscript utility that allows you relink all 3ds max and VRay stuff - it's a bit like the standard 3ds max resource collector - just better! You can donload it for free at Colin Senner's site:
The download is free, but if you can, why not give Colin props and make a small donation to help him pay off his student loans?


  • All 3dsmax supported Bitmap Texture types
  • Relinks Mental Ray Proxy files
  • Relinks VRay Proxies (.vrmesh)
  • Relinks VRayHDRI files
  • Relinks IES files (including VRayIES files)
  • Automatically checks for script updates and new versions
  • 250% speed increase from previous versions
  • Command-line mode available for automating repetative tasks (see documentation on the website)
  • Configurable default user options saving button clicks and wasted time

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