Friday, October 23, 2009

Awesome Sketchup modelling, Black Hawk

Today I'm featuring the work of fellow Cape Town 3D artist silver_shadow. He works mainly in Sketchup - software that I've been reluctant to use to model in, although I often work on Sketchup files that I receive from architects, taking the files into 3ds max, pimping them and rendering them out with V-Ray. However, I didn't realise how powerful Sketchup was until I saw silver_shadow's images. I think the results speak for themselves.
From the sketchucation forums:
  • Modelling time: 1 full month (if I add up the bits and pieces during the 2 months)
  • File size: 32.9mb
  • Rendering: tests took over a time of a week
  • Render engines: Introduction page (fryrender – first renders I have done on this application)
  • Assembly pages (sketchup v-ray)
  • Final presentation images (Maxwell render – first renders I have done on this application)
Plus you can download his awesome 3D models for free, here: link
Thank You silver_shadow/Jacques!

Black Hawk down also happens to be one of my favourite movies - so I'm looking foward to trying to replicate some of the shots from the movie using silver_shadow's 3D Black Hawk model.

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