Thursday, April 16, 2009

Links to free 3D furniture models as supplied by manufacturers

There is a list of links for free 3D furniture models, as supplied by the official manufactures on designconnected: (

I've only had time to check out one of the links on that site, and that is for
They have incredible real- life products, and they also have free 3d models of most of their products. The files are available in .3ds file format (3D), .dxf format (2D) and archiCAD format (3D). I downloaded the .3ds file for a product called "Around the Roses" (It's a collection of tables, although only one version of the table is supplied).
The geometry seems fine as you can see in this screen shot below:

However there are no textures included, so you will have to do some research and sort those out yourself. Here is my V-Ray render of the finished product: (I did modify the mesh a little)

All in all, a handy list of links to have

3D models