Thursday, October 29, 2009

V-Ray 1.5 Service Pack 4 available for download

It's a free upgrade to all current V-Ray customers - get it here:

From the Chaosgroup site:

Modified features:
  • Improved multithreading on multi-core machines;
  • Ability to specify gizmo falloff for VRayEnvironmentFog;
  • Ability to use arbitrary meshes as gizmos for VRayEnvironmentFog;
  • Option to exclude the background from VRayEnvironmentFog;
  • Added CIE sky models to the VRaySun and VRaySky;
  • It is now possible to submit DR servers list for DR through backburner;
  • Added option to not use area speculars in the VRayIES light;
  • Added Kelvin temperature settings for the color of VRayLights;
  • VFB history is now turned off when 3ds Max is in slave mode;
  • Output .vrimg and split channel paths are listed in the Asset Tracker;
  • GI cache files (irradiance maps, light cache etc) are listed in the Asset Tracker.

Bug fixes:
  • DR fails with large .max files;
  • Crash with Remove button for gizmos and lights in VRayEnvironmentFog;
  • Crash with Hair&Fur in 3ds Max Design 2010;
  • Issue with Arch&Design materials in multi/sub-object material;
  • It should not be possible to export already created VRayProxy objects as .vrmesh files;
  •  Fixed invalid colors with texture-mapped lights when the texture contains black areas;
  •  Fixed occasional license errors with codes (-209), (-9) and (1000) on slow networks
  •  Fixed a crash when using a combination of VRayLightMtl materials and VrayDirt with "Work with  transparency" enabled;
  • Cloning the V-Ray renderer did not clone the override material exclusion list;
  • Fixed problems with velocity channel and objects close to the camera;
  • VRayToon was black on directly visible dome lights;
  • Fixed issue with VRayToon and opacity mapped objects;
  • Fixed a problem with hilights in VRayFastSSS2 material;
  • Fixed different buckets with interpolated glossy reflections and DR;
  • Multi-matte render element did not work with VRaySphereFade;
  • Fixed crash with DR in specific cases;
  • The MaxScript for exporting .vrscene files now exports "RGB Multiply", "RGB Tint", "ColorCorrect"  and  "ColorCorrection" textures;
New Feature:
  • An added new feature in V-Ray 1.50 SP4 is V-Ray Ambient Light.
  • Works with Autodesk® 3ds Max® 8, Autodesk® 3ds Max® 9, Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2008, 3ds Max® 2009, Autodesk® 3ds Max Design 2009, Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2010, Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design 2010.
  • 32 Bit and 64 Bit versions are available

VRay-SP4 CIE Clear sky model test from Chris Jackson on Vimeo.

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