Sunday, January 4, 2009

3D Ocean Surface Plugin

I found out about this great plugin on the official V-ray forum link It's called OceanWaves, and it creates an animated 3D ocean surface for you automatically. You can adjust quite a few parameter - (wave height, choppiness, speed, seed etc. and you can make the animation loopable.) You can even tile the ocean surface! The ocean surface is quite small though (8m x8m), so you have to be creative when tiling it so you don't see the patterns repeating too much. I created this test render with OceanWaves and V-Ray 1.5:

Not perfect yet, but I think it has great potential

The best part about this plugin though, is that it's free! You can get it at it's creator's site (CharlesHollemeersch) I tested it on 3ds Max 2008, but officially he has versions for Max, Max 9 32 bit and Max 9 64 bit. Try it out for yourself :)

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